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The Rotten Orange Vs. Lil Kee (Hosted & Mixed by Dj Fader)

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Dj Fader is Back with his newest project.  Here he teams up with Lil Kee and crew where he adds his own flava to both new and classic Jook Records.

The Rotten Orange Vs. Lil Kee And Dem Keezone Boyz

1. U Aint Never Seen – Lil Kee
2. Damn Thing – Lil Kee Ft Yung G
3. Talk To Ya – Lil Kee Ft Javon Black
4. Shit Dont Stink – Javon Black
5. Pocket Watchin – Lil Kee
6. Came Out To PLay – Casanova Ft Lil Kee
7. Eyes On Me – Javon Black ft Tom G
8. Pop – Soulja P
9. Jook Or Die – Lil Kee
10. Lil Mama – Lil Kee Ft Javon Black
11. I Made it Rain – Shawty
12. Buss It Wide Open – Lil Kee ft Dem Keezone Boys
13. Girl Get On – Dem Keezone Boys
14. You A Tease – Javon Black ft Lil Kee
15. Bend Ova – Strizzo Ft Lil Kee and Shawty
16. Low Loww – Strizzo
17. Ham – Lil Kee Ft Dem Keezone Boys
18. Lower – Javon Black
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